ChatGPT Enterprise is here!

Features, pricing and what's coming soon.

Hey — It’s Hussein 👋

Last week, I organized a tech mixer in Encinitas (North San Diego). The turnout was great!

What started out as a small meetup turned into VCs, Journalists, Founders, Executives, and Incubators getting together for a fun, casual night of talking San Diego, startups, tech, and business.

Tech Mixer in Encinitas, CA

If you are local, I hope you can join the next one. For now, let’s turn our attention to the big release from OpenAI: ChatGPT Enterprise is finally here!

Let’s dive into the details of what features are available, pricing, and more.

Estimated read time: 4 minutes 26 seconds.

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What is ChatGPT Enterprise?

ChatGPT Enterprise is OpenAI's latest offering designed to add cohesiveness and control for large teams using ChatGPT.

If you have a small team using ChatGPT, the enterprise plan is probably not right for you. The business plan for smaller teams is supposed to come out very soon. That plan will have similar features as the enterprise plan but will most likely have some limits and will be a better fit.

Let’s look at what features are currently available in the enterprise plan, many of which will apply to the business plan as well.

ChatGPT Enterprise features

Here’s the full list of features available now:

  1. ChatGPT Enterprise does not train on your data or conversations!

  2. Unlimited access to GPT-4. Those with a plus plan have had access to GPT-4 but with rate limits. Those limits now go away. If your business is a heavy user of the API, those rate limits go away too.

  3. Responses are twice as fast when using GPT-4.

  4. Unlimited access to advanced data analysis. With the rollout, Code Interpreter has been renamed to Advanced Data Analysis.

  5. Quadruple the number of words you can input into ChatGPT with the support of 32k token context window, which is around 25k words. This means 4x the input, files, and follow-ups.

    1. Side note: OpenAI never made the number of tokens available in the current version public. Now we know it’s around 8k tokens, which is around 6,200 words.

  6. Shareable chat templates so your team can collaborate and build common workflows. This means ChatGPT Enterprise has a built-in Prompt Library, which I wrote about recently!

  7. Enterprises also get free credits to use on the OpenAI API.

  8. SOC 2 compliance which makes helps with your IT security concerns.

  9. New admin console for you to manage your users, see usage analytics, set up single-sign-on (SSO), and more.

What features are coming soon?

Between the official announcements and unofficial ones I received via Twitter and LinkedIn, here’s what we know about what’s coming soon to ChatGPT Enterprise / Business:

  1. Customize (fine-tune) ChatGPT on your company’s data.

  2. Connect applications you already use to ChatGPT. I can imagine integrations with Salesforce, ZenDesk, Office 365, Gmail, etc., and have ChatGPT trained on that info with a few clicks!

  3. Ability to self-serve and onboard yourself. Right now, you have to submit interest and talk to sales.

  4. Additional power tools to make Advanced Data Analysis (f.k.a code interpreter) and Browsing even more powerful.

  5. Solutions by function, meaning more tools for specific roles like data analysts, marketers, customer support, PMs, etc.

How much does ChatGPT Enterprise cost?

Unfortunately, OpenAI is not making the ChatGPT Enterprise pricing public yet. They have a price range for the services, and depending on your size and revenues, you will get a different price.

A smaller plan is coming for businesses of all sizes soon, which will have a simple price published online and allow you to sign up and get going on your own.

Once I am allowed to share more on pricing, I will update everyone.

Feature vs. Startup?

Before I wrap, I want to bring your attention to one last thing. I can’t count the times I was asked if my next startup was going to be a business wrapper for ChatGPT. As enticing as that sounded, I was afraid that the startup would be a feature that OpenAI could roll out and add to ChatGPT.

That’s exactly what happened here.

By giving ChatGPT the ability to share a prompt library, extend the number of words you can input, upload larger PDFs and documents, not training on your data, user management, etc… countless startups that integrated the ChatGPT API and only had one or two of these features as their entire startup are now dead!

The lesson is to be careful when building around someone else’s business or product with a handful of new features. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of building what is a startup to you but is a feature for an existing company.

Anyways, off the soapbox.

See you next Wednesday — Hussein ✌️

P.S. If you live in or near North County San Diego and want to attend the next mixer, sign up here to be notified.

P.P.S. If you’d like to sponsor, reply. 5.1k founders and entrepreneurs are waiting for you. 

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