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GPTAnalyst: Idea Analysis to Business Plan Framework (Part II)

10 prompts for tactical and operational planning

Hey — It’s Hussein 👋

It feels like just a few days ago, I was planning for 2023 and exploring the idea of starting a newsletter. It’s hard to believe that we are already in November, and the time to think about 2024 goals is here. Time flies when you are having fun! 🤩

Welcome to part two of how you can use ChatGPT to analyze an idea and create a business plan from it - all with the help of 21 prompts. Here’s where we’re at:

Let’s get into it.

Before we begin… a big thank you to:

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  • Lightweight CRM that doesn’t need an agency to get you started

How to use this list of prompts

I tried to keep these prompts generic and universal, so they apply to as many business ideas and types as possible.

Use these prompts as a starting point and a guide. As you work through them, you will get insights that would be valuable to include in subsequent prompts. Make sure to include them.

Also, don’t shy away from going back to a previous prompt and rerun it, given any new insights you got from a prompt. Business plans and strategy docs are living documents that should be updated as the business progresses.

Start a doc and update it with answers from these prompts as you go. This works in Google Docs, Apple Notes, Evernote, Notion, Pages, or your preferred doc tool.

21 prompts to analyze your business idea (part II)

In case you missed it: Part 1: Business Analysis and Strategic Planning

Analyze the market conditions, competitive forces, and internal elements of [insert business idea] through the lens of Porter’s Five Forces and CATWOE framework. Discuss threats, opportunities, and key actors involved.

Why this prompt?

  1. Understand your competitive landscape and know what you’ll need to do to tackle it.

  2. Think about who your stakeholders will be, which helps you tailor your strategies to meet the needs and expectations of each group.

  3. Porter’s and CATWOE analyses are a great way to align business strategy to market conditions, stakeholder needs, and internal capabilities.

Beyond budget, what other resources (time, manpower, partnerships) are required for each phase of [insert business idea]?

Why this prompt?

  1. Proper resource allocation helps create smoother operations.

  2. It helps in identifying areas where cost efficiencies can be achieved.

  3. Ensures that resources are aligned with key strategic initiatives.

Could you please provide a comprehensive guide on how to build an MVP for [insert business idea]? Focus on core features, market validation, initial marketing strategy, timeline, budget, resource allocation, and performance measurement.

Why this prompt?

  1. Starting with an MVP is a good way to test your idea or market before scaling.

  2. Your MVP section can help you plan for what resources and help you need for each stage of your business. Starting with market validation and launch.

  3. An MVP can help you establish early credibility with customers, investors, and partners.

How can we collect customer feedback and measure satisfaction for [insert business idea]? Also, what processes need to be put in place for ongoing improvement?

Why this prompt?

  1. A good process for capturing customer feedback is critical for minimizing churn.

  2. It helps your business be more adaptable to market changes quickly.

  3. It helps you maintain and improve the quality of your business, product, or service.

Can you help me craft a detailed go-to-market strategy for [insert business idea] covering aspects like target market, value proposition, pricing, distribution channels, marketing and communication plan, sales strategy, potential partnerships, and key performance indicators?

Why this prompt?

  1. Get clarity on who your target audience is, what your unique value propositions are, and how you will reach your customers.

  2. The results can help you identify potential challenges, competition, and market conditions. With that in hand, you can prepare for them to reduce any risks.

  3. A strong go-to-market strategy can instill confidence in investors and any partners or employees you plan on bringing on.

Can you outline the financials for [insert business idea]? I'd like to see market research, startup costs, revenue projections, operating expenses, break-even analysis, funding options, risk analysis, and key financial metrics to track.

Why this prompt?

  1. At this stage, there are many unknowns, but showing investors and partners that you are thinking about financials from day 1 goes a long way to establishing your credibility and the credibility of your business.

  2. Putting numbers together and having a financial plan in place early on will help you make better decisions throughout the life of your business.

  3. Not capitalizing a business idea well is one of the top reasons it could fail. Use this as a guide to know how much funding you need to get the business going.

What are the key milestones for [insert business idea], and by when do we aim to achieve them? This can include product launches, funding rounds, or achieving specific KPIs.

Why this prompt?

  1. Set clear milestones and next steps for the business.

  2. Provides a roadmap that can be shared with investors to track progress.

  3. It helps the team understand priorities and work towards achieving them.

If [insert business idea] has potential for international expansion, what steps should be taken to adapt the product or service for different markets? Include considerations for culture, language, regulations, and market needs.

Why this prompt?

  1. World domination ;)

  2. It helps you identify additional revenue streams and tap into new markets.

  3. You can potentially have a first-mover advantage in untapped markets.

How does [insert business idea] address sustainability and CSR? This could range from environmentally friendly practices to community engagement.

Why this prompt?

  1. It's a great way to do good and build brand equity at the same time.

  2. Attract investors and partners that are sustainability-focused.

  3. Pre-empts potential future regulations related to sustainability.

Are there any foreseeable challenges or risks (other than financial) that could impact [insert business idea], and what strategies can be employed to mitigate these risks?

Why this prompt?

  1. Be aware of potential risks to your business and have a plan on how to mitigate them. Being prepared early helps reduce fires you’ll need to fight along the way.

  2. Show investors that you have thought through potential problems.

  3. It helps you allocate resources to areas that need it the most for problem-solving.

What are the potential exit strategies for [insert business idea]? This can include a plan for an IPO, acquisition, or a specific revenue or customer milestone that would make the business a viable sell.

Why this prompt?

  1. Get clarity on the big picture and future of the company. Investors and employees will want to know what the ultimate goal is.

  2. It helps keep your team focused on what the long-term objectives are as they start making decisions.

  3. It can help you understand what you need to achieve to meet your business valuation goals.

With the responses from these 11 prompts and the ones from part I. You’ll have everything you need to think through a business idea and get it off the ground.

Remember, launching and running a business is not easy. These prompts are meant to help you think through various aspects of the business and get you on your journey faster and better equipped.

Good luck! If you kick anything off using these prompts, let me know. I would love to highlight them.

See you next week — Hussein ✌️

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