About Us

👋 I’m Hussein, a startup founder in San Diego, CA.

As a seasoned bootstrapper (you might've caught my TechCrunch feature), I know what it takes to succeed in the startup world - and I’m here to help you do the same.

I’ll help you 10x your team's productivity, skills, and talents by leveraging the latest AI technologies, starting with ChatGPT.

I’ve used this approach with countless apps and side hustles and am always pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

  • My latest venture, Money Minx, caught the eye of Silicon Valley fintech startup Arta Finance and was acquired in 2022. Today, I’m at Arta, helping build the world's first digital family office.

  • Prior to my Money Minx days, I was the CTO at eCapital and OneRoof Energy, where I perfected the art and science of maximizing productivity with the best tools possible. Ease of use and “bang for the buck” were top priorities, and being in the world of financial services, safety and security were critical requirements. In other words, I learned to be super picky about his tech choices and how to identify the game-changers.

  • Did I mention I have 3 awesome kiddos, am an active member of my coastal community, and prioritize family life too?

🤖 To make it all work, I automate as much as possible. I might lose my mind otherwise. ;)

I’m honored to help you navigate the “wild world” of startups and build a lean path to success. And I’m especially excited about helping support and nurture our local startup ecosystem too.

Thanks again for joining. I can’t wait to hear about what you’re building.

Hussein Yahfoufi

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