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Hey — Hussein here 👋

Appsplit was one of my very first projects! I started working on it in 2010 after realizing that several developers were launching new apps for the App Store which was new at the time.

Problem was that after launching their apps, they expected users to just show up which was true just a year prior but at that point the App Stores were so saturated that the users never came.

So Appsplit was a way for them to find users, investors, co-founders, and a way to build community around their Apps.

Appsplit got lots of attention by the media in publications like TechCrunch, AdWeek, CrowdCrux and a bunch others. I eventually sold appsplit to a private investment once I joined eCapital as Chief Innovation and Technology Officer.

Fastforward a few years later, I was able to repurchase the domain, the project had been abandoned by the new owner. I just couldn’t pass the opportunity to reclaim part of my internet history!

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Hussein Yahfoufi