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Prompt Chaining: Solution to ChatGPT Memory Loss

How to Make ChatGPT Remember Better 🌟

Hey — It’s Hussein

I am trying a new style for GPT Hacks this week. Let me know what you think by replying.

Things have been getting busy at Arta Finance (that’s who pays the bills). I’ve transitioned from working on our level-up offerings (think tax, insurance, options, line of credit) to leading efforts on AI Managed Portfolios (AMPs).

Summer break is starting to wrap up for the kids (what happened to school starting in September?), so our schedule is already filling up with band camps, school activities, soccer, and all the fun things.

Personal updates over. Enjoy this week’s tip: AI Prompt Chaining!

Estimated read time: 2 minutes 36 seconds.

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Why does ChatGPT lose its memory or get confused?

Have you ever had an issue where ChatGPT does not remember the previous parts of a conversation? or gets your conversation mixed up, so it feels like the answers are not relevant?

Most think it’s because ChatGPT is losing its memory. But that is not how Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT work.

Each request (prompt) you send is independently analyzed by ChatGPT and responded to. When you send a follow-up request, what happens in the background is that the AI creates a summary of the key points from your previous interaction and sends it with the new one in order to answer your prompt.

As your conversation gets longer, the summaries get more complex, and some facts may be dropped.

This is what causes “memory loss” or “confusion.”

How to improve ChatGPT’s memory and avoid confusion.

The solution takes practice but will become second nature with time. When you send a follow-up prompt, include your own summary that you picked up from the previous prompt in your follow-up.

This way, you will make sure that the AI remembers the relevant topics that matter to you.

If there are specific names, numbers, concepts, ideas, etc., that are a critical part of your conversation, bring those up. If there is an area of the response that is particularly important, include that too.


Here’s a very simple example to illustrate the point:

Initial prompt: "Can you tell me about the current trends in the electric vehicle (EV) market?"

Initial response: "The electric vehicle market is experiencing growth due to factors like environmental concerns, government incentives, technological advancements, and the development of charging infrastructure."

Second prompt: "You mentioned growth in the EV market due to various factors. What are the leading companies in this sector, and what strategies are they employing?"

Second response: "Leading companies in the EV market include Tesla, NIO, BYD, and Rivian. They are focusing on strategies like innovation in battery technology, expanding charging networks, strategic partnerships, and offering various price points to cater to different consumer segments."

Third prompt: "You identified growth in the EV market and innovation in battery technology as key trends. You also mentioned leading companies like Tesla and NIO. Can you elaborate on the latest advancements in battery technology and how it might affect these companies and the industry?"

Third response: "Innovation in battery technology, such as solid-state batteries and improved energy density, is impacting leading companies like Tesla and NIO. These advancements allow for longer driving ranges, faster charging, and lower costs, aligning with the growth trends in the EV market. It could lead to wider adoption of EVs and provide these companies with competitive advantages."

Pro Tip: You don’t have to go crazy with how much info you include in your summary. Just a simple hint will do the trick.

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See you next Wednesday — Hussein ✌️

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