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  • Increase your brand's awareness with Midjourney 🎨

Increase your brand's awareness with Midjourney 🎨

People remember visuals more than just text. Use Midjourney to create icons and illustrations and increase your brand's awareness.

Rolling in with your new logo 😎

Crafting a powerful logo or icon can capture your company's essence into a visual soundbite, conveying a personality that’s recognized across all cultures. Nike, McDonald’s, Apple, and others are known worldwide just by an image - no words necessary. 🌍

With the use of AI like ChatGPT, Bard, and Midjourney (see our intro to Midjourney if you are new to it), you have all of the tools you need to create your own logo, illustrations, and icons and start building a recognizable brand.

Today we’ll cover:

  • the power of iconography in branding 🌐

  • combining ChatGPT and Midjourney to create illustrations 🤖

  • Midjourney icons branding guide ✨ 

Let’s get drawing.

🌐 The power of iconography in branding

Icons are the heroes of visual communication. They're the silent partners that guide users on your website, amplify your brand on social media, and add aesthetic appeal to your marketing collateral.

According to several studies, people only remember about 10% of the information presented to them three days later. However, if that information is paired with a relevant image, people retained 65% of the information. This highlights the power of having a visual element in your content, brand, and product details.

🤖 Harnessing AI for icon creation

So, we've established that icons are critical. But how can AI help in creating them? This is where ChatGPT and Midjourney step in.

Here’s the process we’ll follow:

  1. Use ChatGPT to create the prompts.

  2. Enter prompts into Midjourney to create the visuals.

  3. Use additional prompts to fine-tune the visuals, and make them more unique, branded, etc.

🎨 ChatGPT: Your AI creative partner

Think of ChatGPT as your creative director that can help you brainstorm ideas for what illustrations to create - and then write the prompts to make them.

For example, say your startup is creating a new fitness app and needs an icon for the "workout tracking" feature. To come up with a few ideas, use this prompt in ChatGPT:

Generate some unique and creative text-to-image descriptions and prompts for DALL·E 2 and Midjourney AI to create an icon representing a 'workout tracking' feature in a fitness app.

ChatGPT will give you around 10 different descriptions that you can then use in Midjourney (or DALL·E 2 if that is your preferred image-creating AI) to create your illustrations.

🔧 Midjourney: Your AI designer

Now that we have the description part of the prompt ready, we’ll enter it into Midjourney to get a starting point for creating an image.

I’m going to use this prompt (created by ChatGPT):

“Picture a modern, minimalist icon, blending a digital stopwatch with a heart pulsing at its center”

Here’s the output:

Starting point illustrations

These icons are pretty good but there are a few issues with them that we can improve:

  • It would be better to remove shadows (and add them as we need depending on placement and medium).

  • The icons are not easily brandable unless we create some sort of visual theme around them, like using our brand’s color palette.

  • There is no specific/repeatable style or details that can be reused to create more related icons and illustrations.

To address these issues, we’ll write more prompts to further customize the “starting point” images and develop them into a branded look and feel.

✨ Pro tip: As you build your prompt, save the additions from the list below so you can reuse them and create similar images in the future. You can also use the Midjourney Remix feature to create similar illustrations to match (article on remix coming soon).

✨ Midjourney icons branding guide

Use this at-a-glance guide to customize your icons (the same applies to logos and illustrations):

List out your selections from each section, I’ll show you how to put it together in the next step.

1. Choose an image type (choose 1)

  • Logo

  • Icon

  • Illustration

  • Emblem

  • Badge

  • Vector

  • Symbol

  • Monogram

2. Choose a style for your image (mix and match these)

  • Modern

  • Minimalistic

  • Sleek

  • Powerful

  • Photorealistic

  • Flat 2D (or 3D)

  • Blocky

  • Japanese book cover (try it)

  • Nostalgia 80s

  • Cartoon-like

  • Pixelated

  • Vintage or Retro

  • Abstract

  • Neon

  • Simple shapes and lines

  • Geometric

  • Futuristic

  • Doodle or Sketch

  • Cyberpunk

  • Art Deco

  • Line Art

  • Material design

  • Lacoste (just an example, but you can mention a logo style of a brand you like)

  • Paul Rand (this is just an example, but you can also specify the style of famous brand designers)

3. Specify colors (choose up to 2)

  • Two-tone (or 3, 4 etc.)

  • Ask for specific colors you want to be included

  • Specify shades and other color requirements that fit your brand

  • Monochrome (one color in different shades)

  • Gradient

  • Complementary colors

  • Analogous colors

  • Split-complementary colors

  • Triadic colors

  • Tetradic colors

  • Warm colors

  • Cool colors

  • Neon colors

4. Remove backgrounds and text (use as many as needed)

  • No text, words, letters, numbers

  • No background

  • No realistic photo details

  • No shadows

  • No frames

  • No gradient

  • No human-like figures

  • No animal-like figures

Putting it all together

Using the elements from the guide above, we can distinguish the image for our brand:

“Picture a modern, minimalist icon, blending a digital stopwatch with a heart pulsing at its center, 4 colors, style of nostalgia 80s --no text, words, letters, numbers, background, photo realistic details, or shadows”

The result is now a much more brandable and reusable icon:

Midjourney unique images with no shadows or background

Just remember, it's not about replacing human creativity, but enhancing it, one icon at a time. 🚀 The AI won’t create an icon you can use if you don’t let your imagination run wild on what you ask for in your prompts. Mix and match the elements from our guide to create unique icons.

Don’t forget to share your creations and tag @getgpthacks so we can reshare your work.

🛠️ AI tools and resources

  • CloneDub - convert audio files into other languages using the same voice.

  • CollovGPT - upload a product photo to create a photo shoot of various product placements.

  • Writesonic - on-brand AI writer.

  • Sivi - text to editable banners, ads, and other marketing images

  • Mynd - AI-powered journal that uses AI to give you patterns and insights about yourself

📣 For more AI tools and plugins, take a look at the GPT Hacks AI Tools Directory (with 400+ tools) and ChatGPT Plugins Directory (with 120+ AI plugins).

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